What you need to know

Frequently asked questions

We get many queries from our customers about the CBN Expert Dashboard, what it is, what it does and how to get up and running. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions…

The CBN Expert Dashboard is a cloud-based carbon measurement and management tool. It allows you to easily measure and manage your business carbon emissions, as you work towards becoming net zero.

Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of carbon produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Net Zero is achieved when the amount your business adds doesn’t exceed the amount that’s taken away.

Tackling climate change is at the top of the global agenda. Governments, businesses and individuals all have a role to play. One way to achieve this is by reaching Net Zero.

The UK became the world’s first major economy to set a target of being totally Net Zero by 2050.

Carbon emissions are the greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organisation, service, or product. These include the gases emitted through the burning of fossil fuels and land clearance, and the production and consumption of food, manufactured goods, materials, wood, roads, buildings, transportation and other services.

To make measurement and action easier, all of the non-CO² greenhouse gas emissions are converted into Carbon Dioxide equivalents. Carbon emissions relate to the total impact of all greenhouse gases, calculated as units of CO².

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a new reporting requirement which came into force in April 2020.

While it only mandates reporting for around 11,600 UK companies, the Government is supporting all organisations reporting CO² emissions to these new standards.

We have ensured that our CBN Expert Dashboard’s reporting standards are aligned to SECR.

The dashboard creates a baseline based on your CO² emissions across a range of metrics from the past 12 months. This baseline is then used to calculate your business’ total savings from the time you started your journey towards Net Zero.

Your dashboard is updated each month with the previous month’s data to produce a rolling 12-month average number. This means your CO² emissions are always measured across a full year, eliminating any seasonal variations.

Intensity metrics allow you to see the level of CO² emissions per activity in your business, for example, CO² per employee or department. This will enable you to track consistent progress on a like for like basis, even as your business grows.

The CBN Expert Dashboard has been configured for monthly updates. Depending on your business’s size, gathering and inputting the data should take no more than one hour each month.  This ensures that you and your company have consistent and timely information to help you make ongoing reductions and provide frequent updates to your stakeholders.

The CBN Expert Dashboard uses conversion tables produced by the UK Government. These are produced each year and are updated to the dashboard when they are released. Conversion factors that are taken into account include your business usage of fuels, bioenergy and electricity, company vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, and refrigerant use.