The CBN Expert Dashboard

The CBN Expert Dashboard is an innovative online tool to help you to measure and manage your organisation’s carbon footprint and identify the steps you need to take to reduce your emissions.

Simple, intuitive and easy to use, it helps you to track your carbon use and report your progress to keep your customers, stakeholders and staff engaged. 

Start your NET ZERO journey

The benefits of becoming NET ZERO

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer just an option for businesses. It’s essential.

Businesses which are taking positive action to tackle climate change are reaping the benefits of reduced costs, increased revenue, greater operational efficiency, less risk and happier customers, staff and stakeholders.

We created the CBN Expert Dashboard to help businesses of all sizes take their first steps towards becoming Net Zero.

It will enable you to assess where your business currently sits and the steps you need to take to achieve your carbon reduction goals.

Reduce costs

Save money on energy use and travel to boost your bottom line

Engage stakeholders

Showcase your Net Zero  credentials and enhance your reputation

Minimise risk

Get ahead of the game and reduce your exposure to future carbon taxes

Improve efficiency

Identify better, more efficient and less carbon-intensive ways of doing things

How it works

The CBN Expert Dashboard is a simple online tool which helps you calculate, analyse and act upon your emissions data, to help you reduce your carbon footprint and work towards becoming a Net Zero business. It takes around an hour each month to collate and input data from across your business, which enables you to report on the KPIs and measures that matter most to your business.


Collect and input your data & let the CBN Expert Dashboard calculate your carbon footprint, so you know where to start


Take a deep dive into your data and look at the metrics that matter most to your business to see where you can improve


Once you know where you’re starting from, set your Net Zero goals and track your performance towards achieving them

What it measures

The CBN Expert Dashboard is a unique and innovative online tool that allows you to calculate the carbon footprint of your business, break it down into its key areas, track your progress and share your success.

It includes all the essential features you need to take control of your carbon emissions and progress towards Net Zero, including: 

  • Measures energy use, business travel, total carbon and carbon by area
  • Easy data entry & carbon conversion
  • Publishable results to share with stakeholders
  • Multi-platform compatible
  • Customisable reporting dashboard
  • Selectable carbon intensity metrics
  • Prior period comparisons

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