We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations across the UK to support businesses of all sizes on their journey to Net Zero. Find out more about our partners below.

Future Net Zero

CBN Expert, together with Future Net Zero, have created the Future Net Zero Standard programme.

Alongside the pioneering CBN Expert Dashboard, which will measure, track and report carbon emissions within SMEs, Future Net Zero will provide benchmarking and certification to your business in order to publicise your commitment to Climate Change.

Future Net Zero, supported by CBN Expert, is committed to signing up 10,000 businesses to support their journey to become Net Zero.

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Scottish Net Zero Community

CBN Expert are delighted to partner with the Scottish Business Network to found the Scottish Net Zero Community.

Together we are committed to enable Scottish businesses to fully engage in pledging to be Net Zero.

As the host of the COP26 Summit in November 2021, Scotland is at the forefront of the global campaign to address Climate Change.

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The ILFM is a professional institute for Legal, Finance and Management professionals and has set up a free Target Net Zero Community for its members. CBN Expert is proud to be the ILFM’s partner to provide the tools, insights and expert help that the Community needs to help it succeed on its low carbon journey.

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Birmingham Net Zero

The Birmingham Net Zero Community was created to enable any business across Birmingham City region to make a commitment to, and act to tackle, Climate Change. Since partnering with CBN Expert, CEO Dominic O’Brien says “Introducing the CBN Expert Dashboard to businesses is a brilliant way of underpinning the Community’s journey to achieving Net Zero.”