Becoming CBN smart

Training and support

The CBN Carbon Smart dashboard is an essential tool to help you manage every stage of your journey towards Net Zero.

It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use, which means you can be up-and-running straight away.

To help you get the most from the dashboard and understand all its features and functions, we provide one-to-one support and regular webinars.

Whether you’re a new user or would like to refresh your knowledge, our webinars will show you how to:

CBN Training Videos

Need Help?

Need some help using the dashboard. This video will give you some tips to getting everything sorted.

What is the FNZ Standard?

Account Management

Data Entry

Dealing with Multiple Sites

How to Sign in

How to use the Dashboard

Getting Started

New User Training

The CBN Carbon Smart dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Below is the process for getting everything sorted when you’re getting the ball rolling.


Your first step is to set up your CBN Expert account and create your user profile. You can do this in a few easy steps.

Create Your Account

Create your account, add all your details, make it yours! When your account is live and all the admins done, you’re ready to personalise your dashboard.

Set Up Your User profile

Add a little bit about you, your business and set your benchmark period so you know where you’re starting from! 

Your Dashboard

You’re ready to go, start learning about your dashboard with our tour and get going!

Create Your Benchmark

Use our intuitive app to help set your business benchmarks.

Entering Data

We’ve made entering data easy. Add a few details about your business, travel and energy. Then get your results!

Free download

User Training PDF

Click the link below to download a PDF training guide for the Carbon Smart dashboard.