Devon Tree Services

“Having a plan to get to Net Zero has opened a lot of doors for us.”

It’s fair to say that Devon Tree Services already have a close relationship with the environment. Based in South Devon, this tree specialist and arboricultural consultancy business wanted to decarbonise its business and begin its journey to Net Zero.  Their director, Simon Putt, sought help from sustainable energy consultants Balanced Energy to kickstart their programme.

The team, using the CBN Expert Carbon Accounting Software, helped Simon to work out that 93% of his company’s carbon footprint is created by diesel use for transport and so helped him model about what needs to be done in the coming years. Simon was keen to emphasise that having this data helped him understand the impact his business was having on the environment. He told us that “There’s a responsibility on all of us to reduce our carbon output, regardless of business size.”

“The partnership with CBN Expert has formed the foundation of a plan to achieve Net Zero.”

He said the key trigger to go green was driven by the fact that one of the firm’s primary contracts is with Exeter City Council, which has an ambitious plan to be Net Zero by 2030. Simon told us that he had noticed the subject of Net Zero coming up more and more when trying to win competitive tenders. He believes as well as environmental, there has been economic benefits to having a sustainability plan as they are gaining a good reputation amongst local authorities and it is being welcomed by existing clients as well as attracting new ones.