We offer a simple and straightforward pricing structure to give you all the essentials you need to start your journey towards Net Zero today. You can get access to the CBN Expert Dashboard for just:

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£15 per site + VAT

Annual subscription (15% saving)

£153 per site + VAT

Features include:

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Access all the benefits of the CBN Expert Dashboard with a free 30-day trial

We’re so excited to help you get started on your journey towards Net Zero that we’re offering a free, no-obligation 30-day trial so you can check out the benefits of using the CBN Expert Dashboard for yourself.

Our unique and easy to use online carbon measurement and management tool will help you understand your current position, define your Net Zero goals and help you develop the roadmap to get you there.

By investing less than an hour a month, you can get a clear picture of your organisation’s carbon emissions and the areas that can be improved for the best results.

It will also show you how much money you’re saving by taking steps to reduce your emissions.