How to create a net zero strategy for your business

The move towards Net Zero is a global priority.

Organisations worldwide have placed tackling climate change at the top of the agenda, urging businesses and consumers alike to adopt carbon offsetting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Every business has a role to play, from the smallest SMEs to the largest corporates.

However, what does the shift towards Net Zero mean for your business?

How do you create a robust strategy to reduce your emissions and reach Net Zero, and work out the activities you need to undertake to get you there?

Here are a few things to consider:

Make a commitment

Regardless of your current position – whether you have fully embraced sustainability or are just starting out – making a commitment to Net Zero is the vital first step.

It will give your business a goal and a purpose. It will also signal to your staff, customers and stakeholders that you are serious about tackling climate change and are proactively doing something about it.

Establish a baseline

Whether it’s setting targets, identifying where improvements can be made, monitoring progress or reporting, accurate data is vital.

First of all, you need the right data to paint a clear picture of where you’re at when you start your journey. Getting good systems in place to collect, evaluate and report your ongoing data is also vital to help monitor progress against key objectives and improve your approach where necessary.

Engage your stakeholders

From customers and external stakeholders to staff and supply chains, engaging people and keeping them informed of your targets and the actions you’re taking will get them on board.

Almost everyone, from customers to staff, is looking for solutions to become sustainable, so get them on the journey with you. Remember the three Es – Encourage them to Engage in the conversation and Empower them to be proactive and take responsibility for reducing their own emissions.

With time running out to make a start on working towards Net Zero, the sooner your business can act, the better.

While it’s virtually impossible for any individual or organisation to eliminate all of their emissions in a short time, making small, regular and incremental changes can soon make a big difference.

The point here is, it’s never too late to start. Once you commit to working towards Net Zero, the sooner you can start changing the way you do business and affecting changes, the easier it will become.

So, if you haven’t started your Net Zero journey already, what are you waiting for?


Start your journey to net zero

When it comes to your business’s actions to reduce your carbon emissions, there are several simple steps you can take straight away to get started. These include: 


Energy efficiency

There are many low and zero cost measures your business can implement straight away to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, from upgrading your lighting to investing in heat recovery. Evaluating your total consumption, then looking where individual savings can be made is the best place to start.


Renewable energy procurement

It’s more affordable than ever to purchase your business energy from renewable sources and suppliers. Wind and solar contribute to a fast-growing proportion of the UK’s energy mix. With technology evolving quickly, this trend looks set to continue as costs continue to come down. High efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) can also help.


Consider onsite generation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that renewable sources will need to generate 70-85% of the world’s energy by 2050. So, installing on-site renewable energy generation solutions – such as wind or solar – could work out to be a viable long-term investment.  


Company vehicles

Your company’s vehicle use is a significant source of carbon emissions for your business, so consider things you can do to improve things. From investing in electric or hybrid fleet vehicles to encouraging car sharing, cutting back on unnecessary journeys or cycle to work schemes, there are many things you can do to reduce vehicle emissions and get your people thinking about how they can help.


People culture

Getting your staff to take part in energy-saving habits is an effective way to bring your consumption down and keep your costs under control. Energy awareness training can help them to understand their impact and how they can reduce unnecessary energy waste. Sharing the data on what you are doing, and its impact, can also help keep people informed and motivated to continue to make a difference.

For the UK to meet its Net Zero targets, all businesses will need to offset at least some of their carbon emissions. The sooner you can make a start, the better.

CBN Expert was created to make it easier for any business in the UK to start their journey towards Net Zero, by giving them the tools they need to understand their current position, make the necessary changes and track their progress.

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