Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day


At the weekend, I listened to an Audible book called Women Unlocked – a collection of conversations between well known women to celebrate this day. I particularly enjoyed the chat between Sandi Toksvig and the fabulous actress Sheila Hancock, who at 88 years old recalled her father telling her many years before that the outcome of the future was the responsibility of her generation. The knowledge that it was “Down to us” she explained, guided her throughout her life. 

This really struck home and I truly believe that now, more than ever, saving our planet from a climate disaster is entirely “Down to us”. We can’t wait for Governments to lead the way, someone else more influential to take up the challenge or just expect a bigger organisation to absorb the responsibility. It’s down to each person, and every size of organisation, to change behaviours and take responsibility for reducing their impact for the survival of the future world.

So, on International Women’s Day, I especially celebrate all the women involved in having a positive impact on reducing climate change. Whether it’s through their work in the sustainability sector, the daily choices they are making in regards to travel and lifestyle or most importantly teaching our daughters, and sons, that the future of their planet is ‘Down to them.’