V-Tuf – The company striving to make essential cleaning more sustainable.

V-TUF Equips Cleaners to sustainably deliver essential cleaning tasks by removing health, safety and environmental risks.  Based in the UK, the V-TUF brand guarantees cleaning efficiency, reliability, healthy and eco-friendly solutions across the Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing and many trade industries. 

While V-TUF have always had high performance and safety as their key priorities, they are increasingly adding sustainability to their priorities.

Their company mission is ‘Pursuing performance excellence while equipping customers with cost effective solutions that don’t cost the earth.’

The company recently started using our CBN Expert carbon accounting software to record their carbon output and we spoke with Eugene Buchner, Business Development Director to understand how they were finding it and what their future plans were.

He tells us “Here at V-TUF we have a big drive to improve the sustainability of our products and processes as it’s important to us to become more eco-friendly but at the same time maintaining effectiveness and safety.”

As an organisation, V-TUF have focused on many initiatives to grow their green credentials.

Eugene explained a few key projects to us:

  • Introducing sustainable packaging for their products, looking for biodegradable alternatives.
  • Production targets have been focusing on manufacturing products that are designed to last longer and reducing disposable alternatives that have a shorter life cycle. The company is also looking to manufacture more of their products in the UK which as well as reducing lead times and increase responsiveness to customer demands, but will have a beneficial effect on transportation emissions.
  • To reduce the carbon emissions, the team have been innovative in ongoing product development including switching cleaning methods to heat and steam to replace the use of harsh chemicals being released into the environment, moving away from diesel and petrol powered pressure to using batteries and plans to use wind and solar in the future.



Pursuing performance excellence while equipping customers with cost effective solutions that don’t cost the earth.


V-Tuf Company Mission

Eugene tells us that their sustainability drive led to them wanting to quantify just what the effect these initiatives would be in the long term. There was also lots of conversations with their suppliers and customers who also needed to measure what carbon output the whole supply chain was having.  

Operations Manager Ryan Ward led the team looking at measurement tools and came across CBN Expert as a platform that would fit their need to measure, track and record their carbon data.  He told us how he’s getting on with using the software:

“I feel the CBN software is excellent and very easy to use.  It also has excellent visuals for all aspects of the input data.  The ease of use to manipulate the data is also very good, with the use of graphs to not only track our journey but to use for presentation purposes internally and externally.”


It’s great to hear that our carbon accounting software is already providing information for the team to focus on their Net Zero journey with customers and suppliers. It’s also being used in the company’s recruitment process as being able to demonstrate a sustainability mindset attracts like-minded individuals to grow the team.


“I’m really looking forward to seeing our journey progress and make some carbon savings.”  says Ryan. 

We’re excited to be supporting V-TUF on their ongoing goal of making essential cleaning more sustainable.