Scottish Leather Group

sustainability is at the heart of our brand's future.

For over 500 years, Scottish Leather Group have been a provider of the finest leather to sectors including aviation, automotive, bus, coach, and rail, as well as furniture design, consumer electronics and luxury goods. They are also leading the industry by reducing the carbon intensity of their leather and takes the responsibility as sustainable manufacturers very seriously.

Their great pride in being the lowest carbon leather supplier is demonstrated in their most recent Sustainability Report. It is here that they state that their priority is to produce the most beautiful, long lasting versatile leather in ways that do not use irreplaceable resources and do not damage the environment. 

“Our customers select us as a supplier because we lead the way in a responsible production of leather.”

Dr Warren Bowden, Head of Innovation and Sustainability.

Scottish Leather Group was one of our first customers to sign up to our Carbon Accounting Software and the Future Net Zero Standard to certify their data. Dr Warren Bowden, Head of Innovation and Sustainability says “Innovation is essential to move even closer to our ultimate goal of zero impact leather manufacturing. This is exemplified by our measurement of the true impact of our activities and to identify opportunities for carbon reduction.”

The organisation has also signed up to the UN backed Race to Zero campaign through CBN Expert’s official partnership.

As well as achieving their own sustainable goals, the Group also acknowledge that their focus is to support their customers own commitments to sustainability. Scottish Leather Group have a strategic partnership with the incredible British Brand Mulberry where they are helping to bring their sustainable and responsible Made to Last Manifesto to life.

The Group is at the forefront of sustainable business in Scotland, and was an Ambassador for Scotland in the successful  COP26 summit held in Glasgow in November 2021. They are also actively engaged in the Scottish Net Zero Community, a collaboration between CBN Expert and the Scottish Business Network.

CEO, Iain McFadyen summaries how integral sustainability is to the business.  “Sustainability is not only a virtuous steady state of operations, but also a resilience and agility of business purpose.”

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